The purpose of this role is to develop the introduction of a female junior program to participate in the 2022 season and to continue the development of the Go Girls Football and ongoing women’s programs.


You will be responsible for shaping and delivering Sorrento FC Female Football strategy, working directly with the Exec Committee to lead all activities in this area.

You will report to the Sorrento FC Executive, Sorrento FC Committee, Members and key stakeholders, such as Football West to identify and deliver the key milestones required to execute this strategy.

You will already have a passion for, and detailed knowledge of the dynamics of female club football – the game itself, competitions, the calendar and governance. You will most likely have been around female sport, whether as a player or coach and you will be looking for the chance to become part of a team that will be at the core of shaping the next decade of female football at Sorrento FC.

In addition, you will have all the core skills of developing and growing the Female Football participation to ensure it constantly enhances and improves the delivery of value in its activities and services for its members.

To lead, develop and implement strategic projects to grow female club football in a sustainable and successful manner.

The Head of Women’s Football is a newly created position and will play a key role in the development and management of female football projects as a stand-alone unit, reflecting the increasing importance of the women’s game for Sorrento FC and the game at large. The role covers a wide scope, combining sporting and competitions aspects with the development of female football


  1. Work with the committee to set the vision of Female Football at Sorrento FC
  2. Form a working group to detail a long-term plan to achieve the vision.
  3. Develop and present a 12-month plan to increase female participation at Sorrento FC for 2022
  1. Develop, set and lead delivery of the Sorrento FC’s women’s football plan.
  2. Document and promote to the community the Sorrento FC Women’s Football Pathways to the community and enhance the networking of other clubs
  1. Develop dedicated programs for development and pathways to address the growing needs of female football
  1. Develop and maintain positive relations with key individuals and teams dealing with women’s football at Football West and other relevant stakeholders.

Key Expectations

  1. Attract girls/women to Sorrento FC to create a full female program from junior to senior players
  2. Credible and passionate about female football
  3. Sound knowledge about female football
  4. Bring fresh perspectives and insight to Sorrento FC on female football
  5. Hard working
  6. Determined to overcome barriers

Applications to sfcgulls@gmail.com