The Player Welfare Policy covers any off-field support or assistance that players may need from time to time. Sorrento Football Club is committed to looking after its players and members; both on the field and off the field. Life can have its ups and downs. If you would like some assistance we will do the best we can to support you.
The aim of the Player Welfare Policy is to:
  • Assist players with anything for which they would like some assistance or support.
  • Provide a supportive and confidential environment for any individual player to discuss any issues.
Through the player welfare policy players can raise any issues including:
  • Employment and education
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Housing
  • Gambling
  • Financial matters
  • Personal relationships
There are two ways you can access the support available. You can either: Contact any of our Executive committee or our Player Welfare Manager, Mr Alan Gray. They will discuss your issue with you and/or, if you want, put you in touch with professional support. They will also respect your privacy and confidentiality.

Details are:

Player Welfare Manager               Mr Alan Gray

Executive Committee

Players are encouraged to contact any of these to discuss any issues you may be experiencing either at the Football Club, or away from the Club. All discussions will be treated with full confidentiality.
You may also wish to contact one of the Help Lines listed here:

Anxiety & depression: 

Beyond Blue:

PH: 1300 22 4636 24/7

Drug & Alcohol:

DirectLine :

PH: 1800 888 236 24/7

Personal relationships: 


PH: 13 11 14 24/7