Sorrento Team Registrations

5,6 & 7 year olds Registration for 2024

Registrations are now open for the above age groups.

Players play in the age group of what age they turn during the 2024 calendar year. However, girls are allowed to play one age group down in the mixed (boys & girls) competitions and this is recommended.

Some information about the club: The club provides the match playing shirt, shorts, socks for you to keep. You are responsible for own shin pads, football boots and training clothes. There is no weekly (or extra) fees in addition to the initial registration fee for 5-7s, which is $305 per player (includes GST).

There are no player trials/grading held for 5, 6 & 7 year olds. Thus, for player registration it is on a “first come first accepted” basis. We will take 36 players in 5/6s and 36 players in the 7s age group. If Football Australia has their system operational as stated, then you can undertake as from 5th January 2024 on-line registration and payment at

First match of the season will be Sunday, 21 April & ends in September.

Training is one night per week. Matches are always Sunday mornings. Normal weekly training will be Wednesday evenings 5 – 6pm at Hillarys Park, Lymburner Drive, Hillarys. On Sunday match days, we will be a part of a “Hub” or sometimes termed a “Cluster”. That is, where 4 or 5 clubs are allocated in one group and they all get together at one club’s venue every Sunday for matches for 4-5 weeks then all clubs move onto another club who hosts for 4-5 weeks and so on. When we host, the matches will be at Glengarry Park, Culloden Road, Duncraig. 7s will kick off at 9am and 5/6s will kick off at 9.45am. The Age Group leaders will distributed the player’s kits onto parents/players when the kit has been delivered and then sorted just before start of season. Our colours are sky blue shirts and socks with navy shorts.

I ask that you familiarise yourselves with the “Rules”, so please click here to read the attachment for Rules of Miniroos Football.

For the season’s training, it is scheduled at Hillary’s Park, Lymburner Drive, Hillarys on Wednesdays, 5pm – 6pm. Your commitment to attend all training and matches is essential for the efficient functioning of the entire age group. So parents, do not just drop off your child and “disappear”, please be involved. Player all train together and then every Sunday they are placed into a team of 4. The 4 players within a team change Sunday to the next Sunday. The 5/6s and 7s play at the same venue on the same match day Sundays. 7s play first for two matches within their 45 minutes, then the 5/6s play straight afterwards their two matches within 45 minutes. 5/6s & 7s all train at Hillarys Park at the same time, 5-6pm on Wednesdays.

On a Wednesday, before the first training session there will be a practical education session for parents & players at our main pitch at Percy Doyle Reserve, 42 Beddi Road, Duncraig. Date to be announced. A Football West representative will be present to take the session so as to guide/assist with structure of training. This session is for parents and players, so very important that you all attend. Players can wear their football boots.

Fixtures for the season are expected to be released in mid-March.