Sorrento FC Terms & Conditions

Updated 23-08-2019

Payment of Registration Fees

All fees must be paid in full prior the approval of registration. In exceptional hardship circumstances, the club may consider a payment plan option. Payment plans must be agreed in writing with the club executive at time of registration.


Procedure for Player Suspension for non-payment of fees

If after payment deadlines have passed and/or payment plans are not adhered to, the committee will take action to suspend a member from playing with the club until such time as corrective action has been taken to bring outstanding fees up to date. This will always be a last resort of the committee and would only happen if previous communications with members have been ignored. Please note if a team has to forfeit due to player availability, then some or all of this fine maybe passed on.


The decision to suspend player/s from participating can only be proposed by the Club Treasurer in consultation with the Member Protection Officer.  The player/s will be contacted, in writing, 24 hours before the next game and informed of the decision; the player’s coach will also be advised at the same time. The player/s may only be allowed to play again at the recommendation of the Member Protection Officer and Treasurer once they have fulfilled the agreed requirements for payment. All player registration payment details will be kept strictly confidential between the above committee members, the coach, and the member concerned.



No registration refunds will be given after a player has been graded and allocated to a team. Partial refunds may only be given at the discretion of the committee in exceptional circumstances e.g., severe injury, excluding unrecoverable costs ie, FFA and FootballWest (FW) components. No refunds will be provided if membership is revoked due to breaching Club Codes of Conduct.


Procedure for Player Fines/Red Cards

Players who are suspended by FW for disciplinary actions or red cards are personally responsible for payment of all fines and will be ineligible for selection until the fine/s is paid in full and penalties served. Depending on the nature of the fine or Red card, SFC retains the right to impose additional fines or bans at the discretion of the Committee.


Unpaid fines will be carried over to the next season and the member will not be eligible for registration until unpaid fines are paid in full. A position in the team will NOT be held. If the fine remains unpaid FW will be notified to ensure the player is not registered at another club while outstanding fees or fines remain unpaid. All correspondence to the club should be made in writing.


Privacy Policy

Personal information collected by Sorrento Football Club is for the primary purpose of membership requirement and/or competition.

I/We give permission to use football match photos of our son/daughter in the Club Newsletter, Club Webpage, Club Facebook Page, Club Twitter Page and Club Marketing.

Duty of Care

I/We confirm I have informed SFC of any behavioural conditions which may affect SFC’s duty to manage the safety and injury prevention of the player or other players.


I/We confirm a responsible adult WILL be present at all training sessions and matches if SFC considers it necessary to manage the safety of the player or other players.


I/We exclude SFC from liability relating to injury of player or players by reason of a responsible adult failing to meet their obligation to attend all training sessions and matches as requested by SFC.


Emergency Treatment

In the case of emergency I/We authorise the Sorrento Football Club to arrange any necessary treatment of my child (not applicable if 18 yrs and over).

If your child has a medical condition which is likely to require attention, a responsible adult MUST be present at all training sessions and matches. (Not applicable if 18 years or over).

Codes of Conduct

SFC – Player Code of Conduct

SFC – Parent Code of Conduct

SFC – Coach Code of Conduct

SFC – Grievance Policy & Procedure

SFC – Illegal Drug Policy

FFA National Code of Conduct 

Football West Code of Conduct

Football West Code of Spectator of Behaviour

  1.  “I understand, agree and undertake to comply with all the conditions, requirements and expectations of the Club’s Constitution, liquor licenses, policies and codes of conduct, including but not limited to, Code of Conduct for Parents, Coaches and Players and Policies for Child Protection, Complaints, Sport Safe and Smoke Free.”

    2.  “I understand and agree that, if I engage in conduct that causes SFC to be subjected to a fine, penalty or other disciplinary action, then I undertake to pay any fines, penalties and costs of disciplinary action and will comply with any penalties imposed.”


I/We agree to abide by this Code of Conduct at all times


Name of Player



Signature of Player





Signature of Parent / Guardian




Where player is under 18 years of age

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