Sorrento FC Player Code of Conduct

Players should be aware of their responsibility to the Club


• Be a Role Model
• Play within the rules of the game
• Respect the referees, officials, coaches and spectators
• Control my thinking; To Not verbally abuse other players, referees, officials, spectators or deliberately distract or provoke an opponent
• Never argue, threaten or intimidate any referee or official, irrespective of whether you disagree with a decision. Concentrate on the game
• Show respect to my opponents and play in a competitive but fair way
• Applaud all good play from my team and respect good play from the opposition
• Cooperate with my coach, teammates and officials (without them, there would be no competition)
• Express Myself
• Play for fun and enjoyment and not just try to please my parents and coaches
• Concentrate on the game plan my coach has asked me to play
• Play without fear of making mistakes
• Want the ball
• Encourage, support and cooperate with my teammates
• Work hard for my team (my team’s performance will benefit and my teammates will value my efforts)
• Practice and try to improve.

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