Sorrento FC Parent Code of Conduct

Adults at all times should be aware of ‘child safe’ guidelines

Parents/Guardians will:-

• Set a good example at all times
• Encourage my child to play by the laws of the game
• Not criticize mistakes (players need to be encouraged to learn by trying things in the game and a fear of failure will stifle creativity)
• Support and encourage all players, including the opposition
• Never publicly criticize my child or other players
• Support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from sporting activities
• Will not question or criticize decisions made by the referees/officials
• Show appreciation of volunteer coaches, officials and administrators (without them, your child could not participate).
• Support my child’s coach
• Recognize that the coaching staff are following a long-term programme of development with my child
• Avoid pressuring the players about winning or losing
• Praise effort to help develop my child’s intrinsic motivation
• Focus on performance (the style of play) rather than winning or losing
• Not coach from the side-line (the only information given to the players should come from the coach)
• Discuss any concerns with the Member Protection Officer about my child’s welfare and development.

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