Sorrento FC Grievance Policy & Procedure

Sorrento Football Club is committed to providing a pleasant social environment for all players, parents, guardians and members.

We acknowledge, however, that things do not always go smoothly and that people can sometimes feel aggrieved about something that is happening at the club. The purpose of this policy is to provide a procedure by which players, parents/guardians and members can have their grievances addressed.


A person who is involved with Sorrento Football Club (SFC) may have a grievance about a decision, behaviour, act or omission (whether by committee or any other member) that they feel is unfair, inappropriate, discriminatory or unjustified.

They can use the Grievance Procedure to have the issue heard and addressed.


The following are the key elements of our Grievance Resolution Procedure:

  • HONESTY & INTEGRITY. It is important that at all times, any complaints are kept to the actual facts, with complete clarity and transparency. Hearsay conversations will not be accepted.
  • If you make a complaint, it will be investigated in a fair and impartial manner. No judgments or assumptions will be made, and no action will be taken until the investigation is complete. If a complaint is made against you, your rights will be protected and you will be given an opportunity to tell your side of the story.
  • You can feel secure that if you do make a complaint under this policy, it will remain confidential. The only people who will have access to information about the complaint will be the person making the complaint and the person(s) investigating the complaint (member/s of the Executive Committee).
  • NO VICTIMISATION. You can also rest assured that if you make a complaint, the SFC will not tolerate victimization against you as a result of your complaint.
  • Each complaint will be finalized within as short a period as possible. All complaints, where possible, should be finalized within one month.


If you have a “grievance”, the best way of dealing with it will depend on the circumstances. There are a number of approaches available to you:

1. You may speak directly to the relevant individual(s) if you feel comfortable doing so. Sometimes speaking directly to the person(s) involved in a non-provoking manner, or writing to them, can put a stop to the behaviour which is the subject of the grievance. If a grievance is about their behaviour, you should indicate that you find the behaviour offensive, distressing, etc and you would like it to stop. You may also advise the individual(s) that you intend to make a formal complaint if the behaviour continues.

2. Discuss your grievance with your team’s manager.
If not a team/player grievance then direct your complaint directly to the SFC Member Protection Officer : you will be advised about what your options are and what will happen if you decide to proceed with the complaint.
Nothing will be done at this stage without obtaining your agreement.

3. If you wish to proceed with a formal complaint it will be the SFC Member Protection Officer who will interview you.
You will be asked to provide details of the nature of your grievance including details of events, witnesses and any supporting documentation. These details will form a written document of your complaint.

4. Once you have lodged a formal complaint, an investigation will be conducted to determine whether or not the incidence has taken place and the severity of the incident. The investigation will involve interviewing all witnesses and examining relevant documents. The importance of confidentiality will be stressed to all parties and they will be warned of the consequences if there is a breach of confidentiality. The person(s) you have complained about will be given an opportunity to respond to the complaint made against them.

5. The SFC Member Protection Officer will inform you of the outcomes of the investigation and discuss what should be done to resolve the problem. Depending on whether the complaint is verified or not verified, a number of possible outcomes could result (e.g. an apology, an official warning, or removal from SFC).

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